Reasoning for the Seasoning is to help understand digestion and food combinations. When digestion is overworked other systems in the body cannot maintain an even level. A good example is when someone is in the stage of disease with diabetes. Western medicine address only the pancreas at this point, and eastern medicine addresses the spleen function. In later stages of diabetes, one may experience kidney problems, and eventually dialysis. Talk about taxing the heart and lungs! Not to mention weight gain, gland issues, etc. begin to settle into these systems at any point. 

Hildegard writes that all the elements were subject to man at the time of creation to help him in all his actions. The greenness, or verditas, that sprouted from the earth was in accordance to these elements. Herbs were to reach out to mankind’s spiritual needs, yet to be distinct from people. Certain herbs are nourishing, as certain flowers bare fruit that flows and can be compared to a person’s blood. Certain herbs grow in the air, and have light nature for digestion, while others grow from the wind and are dry in nature. Herbs that are sown by a person’s labor germinate little by little and spring forth, like domestic animals living in a house without anxiety and are nourished properly. Herbs that are plowed in and grown by a person with the bitterness and harshness of their juices damage considerably the quality of their nourishment so they are not as useful. Herbs that spring forth from a fallen seed that has risen up unexpectedly like a wild beast, should not be consumed, since one who is growing herbs moderately will not be nourished by these wild herbs. Herbs are either warm or cold and spring up this way. Warm herbs signify the soul, and cold herbs signify the body. Herbs have aromas and can curb many evils and evil spirits do not like them, thus people who try to seek their fortunes are deceived by herbs that hold foam of the elements and do harm. The devil loves these types of herbs and mingles with them, creating a harmful combination for mankind to ingest. 

Food combinations are one of the most overlooked health issues on this planet and are one of the main reasons, excluding poisoning our water, air pollution, and genetically modified foods, that result in overworked and poor digestion. Excellent digestion in a person rarely exists on this planet, because illness and disease of any kind is the result; including the common cold and headaches.Few people are blessed with good agni (digestive fire) that doesn’t require much balancing. Depending on the constitution, or elemental make-up, one will digest cooler foods and require less spices and herbs that possess  a hotter nature- such as a pitta/fire constitution. Someone with a kapha/water type constitution will require hotter spices and herbs to digest properly. Only a strong agni can tolerate raw foods diet, and then not for a long time either. Tempering your raw foods is better for digestion for anyone, yet we can all tolerate some in the correct season and the correct type of raw food for the particular constitution. Even Hildegard talks about tempering raw foods, especially lettuce and how to eat your salad at lunch with spelt ‘berries’ (kernels) to nourish the body at that particular time of day.

Food Combinations
Compatible foods are the key to digestion, while incompatible foods aggravate digestion. Western teaching only factors in what a person should eat, not what a person can digest…
Example of digestive combinations: 
Spelt- sweet/warm/sweet
 **Hildegard regards spelt as eradicating black bile and is suited for digestion. 
Oats- Sweet/cold/sweet A little heavy and hard to digest, especially with sugar and milk, can aggravate toxic blood conditions. ** Hildegard warns they are not to be consumed by the sick as they require good circulation for the digestive system. The mid temperatures/powers—are cold in digestion. Thus, if you have a naturally weak digestion, this would not be as good to eat until digestive powers are established again. Spelt is a better choice, as spelt is warm in digestion. Adding spices, such as cinnamon and cardamom warms the intestinal powers for oats  and digests better.

Example of incompatible foods:
*Eggs & Cheese or meat & cheese. These are two different proteins to digest and the digestive system cannot prefer one over the other.
*Yogurt and other sour fruits (such as mango) in a smoothie. Sour combinations in large amounts can damage a liver, as that is the taste for the liver and exceeding a taste imbalances the organ, then damaging it and other energy channels and then eventually other organs.
*Melons- eat them alone or leave them alone is a term used in the Ayurvedic books. Simply put-- they putrefy foods in digestion, as melons require certain stomach juices/acids than other foods.
*Milk& bananas. Someone I know tried to prove this wrong and about day five they vomited quite profusely most of the morning. This person has a naturally good digestion too. I do not suggest trying to prove these systems wrong, as they can strongly disrupt a system or further illness. This person went on a special diet, including kitcthari and mostly spelt, to help balance digestion and then rekindle lost agni (digestive fire).
*Rekindling lost agni (digestive fire) can take years sometimes, depending on the imbalance. In Chinese medicine it is raising the lost Yang for digestive power. Weak digestion is also known as digestive breakdown, and this can end up a serious issue that needs addressed.

Example of compatible foods:
*Salad is cold in digestion, so by adding a condiment such as  a dressing made of vinegar and oil, and the vinegar taste is not to exceed the oil, with some salt/pepper/basil/ and spelt ‘berries’ (kernels) makes a good lunch.
*Cottage cheese sprinkled with black pepper, or pipali, and or cardamom is a good digestive. Cumin is another great digestive for cottage cheese,,, or any cheese! Hildegard’s nausea mix is a wonderful capsule to take afterwards if consuming too much cheese, such as extra cheese on pizza. 
*Basmati rice is good with many dishes, as the rice is good for poor digestion in being that it harmonizes the stomach. It relieves thirst and is good for all doshas-pita/vata/kapha or elements of earth/fire/wind/water. Basmati rice is best in nutrition and digestion,,, while brown rice may have more nutrition- it is much harder to digest and requires very good digestive fire. The energetics of Basmati are: astringent/neutral/sweet.  

Raw food diet:  From an oriental viewpoint, a raw food diet is not a common diet to Chinese medicine and is more popular- ‘trendy’ in the western diet. Raw is Cold and Reducing in digestion, thus weak spleens, Cold people or deficient people will further weaken the digestion by this type of diet. A human tolerance to raw food also depends on climate. In order to know the tolerance of raw food, one must know the constitution and factor in other major influences within the body. Long-term use may damage Digestive Fire. 
An example: 
Animals have a different digestive fire than humans to be able to consume what they eat and digest it, such as the Panda bear. They eat bamboo and bamboo is cold in digestion. When a Panda bear is given other foods it is difficult for their digestion to utilize the assimilation from these foods, as they are not needed for their systems. Human beings do not possess this type of digestion, let alone long term raw food diet, because they were not created that way.

Vegetarianism:  This is another ‘trendy” western diet. This type of diet can make someone feel good for awhile, but only for so long and then the ‘cave-in’ situation occurs just as the person did trying to prove that bananas and milk won’t bother me and they ended up in ruff shape! From an oriental viewpoint, if the constitution is strong you can sustain this diet, yet in the eastern diet proper digestives are consumed in the various seasons to sustain this type of diet called Food Energetics.  The weaker digestion is the more some meat needs to be added into the diet, or a more reasonable digestible substitute. Not allot of meat is required, since it can tend to be dampening and that leads to accumulation of toxins in the system. It is quite easy for a vegetarian to become what is known as Blood and Yang deficient. This occurs when the attention to the diet is not given to eating a full range of tonifying foods and digestive quality. When a dosha or element in the body is unbalanced, certain foods are required to balance them again, some in small quantities -- or not at all—until balance is restored. Yin deficiencies, such as emaciation or organ depletion require a different diet, no matter what diet is currently followed. Vegetarianism is, for the most part, the main reason used in traditions within spiritual practices to energize the soul, such as Qigong and yoga, because of the dampening/heavy properties from meat/cheese and refined sugar. 

Hildegard talks about how the body cannot exist without energizing food for the soul. Our soul receives the benefits from the types of foods we eat. As for Ayurvedic diets, they cook foods and regulate the energetic combinations for optimal digestion.

Allergies: In Chinese medicine the majority of foods that are identified as allergenic are classified as Dampening, while the underlying cause involves a spleen weakness and tendency towards dampness (Kapha in Ayurvedic medicine). One example is too much food at one time overloads the system by overworking the spleen causing dampness and also involves a disturbance in the liver function. Allergies can also involve psychic and emotional issues that are rooted within the systems that need addressed, as well as the diet and constitution. Allergies may cause behavioral problems due to the disturbance to many systems, especially with digestion. This is known as melancholy with Hildegard and the medieval ages or tamasic in Ayurveda. 

These explanations below may help to understand the differences between Eastern Food Energetic Nutrition & western model/value of nutrition and the manner it is taught.  

DAMPNESS, WATER & PHLEGM (Ayurveda- Mostly Kapha) (Hildegard- cold-and-dry elements produce a melancholic or depressive temperament & the cold-and-moist elements result in a sluggish response or phlegmatic)
Dampness- This is a disturbance in the body that results from not being able to burn off or transform moisture (or excess moisture) in the body. It can lodge in a specific part of the body or affect a person more generally. The underlying cause is a weak spleen, often with weak kidney energy and sometimes with a weak lung function. It creates a tired, heavy feeling and also cause swelling by obstructing the body’s function. Some people are prone to it by their constitution or living in a damp area, leading a sedentary lifestyle, or eating in a manner that inhibits the proper functioning of the spleen and this weakens the Yang- or fire element needed to hinder the accumulation of dampness. 
An example is: Dampness in a joint such as the hip can cause sciatica symptoms that may not truly exist as that, yet once the dampness is eliminated the hip joint doesn’t hurt anymore and the sciatica is gone too. 
Water- Retaining fluids is known as edema. This condition of edema is where dampness is retaining the water in a specific or eventually a general location, such a certain ankle or leg swelling.  
Phlegm- This is a sticky manifestation from dampness often lodging in a particular organ. Heat (Pitta) or Cold can easily be combined with phlegm or mucus and it will congeal and obstruct functioning at the particular site, such as with a sinus attack or lung issues.

YIN, YANG & Qi Deficiencies (Ayurveda- Kapha*Pitta*Vata & Prana) (Hildegard- Respecting the elements poses a variable factor to the contribution of the level and motion that directs energy. In many cases humors are treated rather than specific pathogens, since energy patterns begin within the humor.)
Yin- Yin is moisture and needs a good reserve of the fine qualities of nutrients to build new tissue, repair and maintain the body with the water, while combined with the earth quality lubricates and provides fuel. Yin depletion means the body has been running on empty for quite awhile and the body has burned up any or all of its reserve and is now trying to borrow resources that are not being replenished. Yin needs to be replenished, rest and restore. 
Yang- Yang is the fire quality within the body in all systems providing heat for the bodily functions, and one of them is to keep the body warm. When Yang becomes deficient, the moist Yin of the body cannot be transformed and begins to accumulate with cold/sluggish qualities and the metabolism slows down. Supporting Yang is activity and rekindling the fire element inside. 
Qi- Combining food & air is what makes Qi and the ability to do this depends on a lifestyle & diet, since Qi is the available energy for all bodily activity. Weak Qi can cause lethargy, dysfunctions in the immune system, and a particular organ can lack the Qi power to function at its best. Breath-work is a good source of good Qi. 

WIND, HEAT & COLD (Ayurveda- Vata*Pitta*Kapha) (Hildegard- hot-and-dry elements resulting in a choleric or an unforgiving temperament-- cold-and-dry elements produce a melancholic or depressive temperament—Hildegard also discusses the Wind as moving the blood and is the humor associated with air/wind as the hot-and-moist elements in it result in the happy or sanguine,,, thus good blood moves happiness throughout the body!)
Wind- This is an invasion to the body by a pathogen such as the common cold, flu, or a sudden onset with erratic symptoms being wandering pains, or alternating with chills and fever. The lungs are the most frequent organ to be attacked and then causing a weakness in other organs. There can be wind-heat, wind-cold and wind-damp. Any invasion of Wind are best treated through simplifying the diet by reducing or eliminating-(for awhile) foods that congest the body such as dairy, meat, high fats, yeast breads, and sugary products. Most of the time these types of foods allow the illness to go deeper in the tissues & organs. It is best to get rest and favor lighter foods such as soups and certain herbal teas. A favorite is wearing a scarf to protect the back of the neck from a Wind-invasion.
Heat- The initial invasion of Heat is called Wind-Heat, and if this is not expelled it may lodge deeper in the body causing inflammation and irritation, such as with the skin rash or a fever. Overconsumption of heating foods-herbs or spices or prolonged work in a hot environment is another example. The quality of fuel becomes depleted and the Yin of the body can suffer, likewise lubricating and cooling foods are a way to help this invasion. 
Cold- The deficient Yang or fire element in the body allows its counterpart –cold-- to settle and penetrate causing contraction and obstruction. The muscles, joints and even the organs such as the intestines, bladder, uterus and stomach can suffer when the environment changes its temperature. Upon an invasion, such as a virus, it can lodge deeper and eventually transform into heat and visa versa. Applying warmth to the part affected helps, staying warm in cold weather, and some physical activity creates more circulation, while resolving emotional fears may also help.  

STAGNATION (Ayurveda- Vata/Prana affecting energy channels & Kapha) (Hildegard- Mankind’s deeds interact with the elements and have a direct effect on matter produced within the elements, thus having a direct effect on mankind.)  
There are two types of stagnation: Qi and Blood. 
When Qi stagnation becomes blocked other aspects in life can too, such as physical, emotional and mental blockages. Qi & Blood stagnation are closely related, because when one happens the other one follows. An example is: Qi- or energy- is constricted in a muscle (say from a wind invasion), the constricted muscle hurts and dampness can easily settle there, thus it becomes stagnated. Qi stagnation is aggravated by lack of movement, and Qi circulation is assisted by breathing exercises and certain foods. 
Blood: This term is different than in Western medicine. In Chinese medicine Blood itself is a form of Qi; a very dense form. Blood is inseparable from Qi, since Qi infuses life into Blood, thus without Qi the Blood would be an inert fluid; Lifeless. 
*Blood deficiency measures the available nourishment circulating throughout the body and the quality of food-- along with the extraction of the Qi from the food in the stomach, as this creates the ability to absorb true nourishment.
*Stagnant Blood describes a condition where the circulation is blocked or restricted and the stagnant Qi is the tangible and physical manifestation. An example is:menstrual cramps are a result from stagnant Blood in the liver, thus by treating the liver for this issue -eventually the cramps are eliminated. The liver itself does not cramp up, but the system it is connected to does. Blood is derived mostly from Food-Qi that begins in the stomach and the diet may also help correct the cramps. The Spleen’s ability to convert Food Qi into Blood helps the Heart circulate the Blood & Qi around it, likewise this nourishes the mind, since the heart ‘houses’ the mind. 

ESSENCE & SHEN (Ayurveda- Akasha/Consciousness) (Hildegard- the spirit of the Lord moved throughout the earth filling it with goodness from the deep rootedness of life itself and bestowed inside of mankind,,, in being the consciousness of the universe)
Essence (or Jing) is closely related to the kidney’s because it is stored there as it provides life itself in supporting growth and development in a deeply rooted support for life. Jing is a precious substance that should not be squandered,,, just as though was a monetary inheritance to live on. It is partly inherited from the parents, nourished through a lifestyle and restored or depleted through foods & beverages. Good stamina and overcoming illnesses & injuries easily is a sign of good Jing. It is easily depleted from pushing the body too hard with work, failing to nourish it, and not enough adequate rest, such as meditation and good sound sleep.  
Shen- The spirit or consciousness is Shen, which is the light of the body. Shen is reflected in the eyes by means of the essence within a person and good Shen shows brightness and clearness in the spirit. It can transcend and influence the body, such as transforming a physical difficulty by allowing the light of consciousness enter into any aspect of the body and sometimes spontaneous healing occurs. Shen resides in the Heart & Blood, and this allows one to understand that consciousness is not located in the brain, but it circulates throughout the whole body by means of the Heart. When the Shen is good-- consciousness is anchored properly within the body and the ‘mind sees clearly.’ If not, trauma, stress, over stimulation, and lack of contact with life greatly affects Shen,,, this is known as anxiety and the sprit becomes restless.  

Nature is a Divine Mystery that holds many pleasures, while teaching mankind about cycles. By observing and patterning nature’s cycles we can recognize the unique cycle each human possesses. Following cycles of change allows us to honor nature’s cycles, as well as our own. Furthermore, these cycles relate to the elements for patterning healing or disturbing arousing disease in mankind fostered at the physical body level. In addition, emotions respond to all cycles as they begin vast levels to dismiss negative emotions that have the potential for illness or disease, as well as retain them. Meanwhile positive emotions are harmonious to all cycles as they function with the subtle anatomy in assisting to recognize and honor each individual’s rhythm in nature and mankind. Mankind has an energy field with a distinct vibration that regulates a rhythm with the elements.

Let’s explore the seasons and how they fit into BABS Bakery products!

As outlined in Chinese medicine, rhythms teach mankind to go on in any ‘death’ of the body, mind and/or spirit by continually providing examples of seeds, new life, fruition, transitions and completion. This allows mankind to identify the lessons in life are patterns in primary behavior imprinted by a season.
In summary, the energy of these rhythms or seasons blend with emotions to create a core cycle that influences actions/re-actions to the manner in which you take care of yourself, others and nature. This allows for an understanding how the north-south-east-west is instructed by God’s initial ‘word’ as it commands the universe through the five senses.

Ayurveda is based on:
Vata--- being the principle of the air/ether element
Pitta—being the principle of the fire element
Kapha—being the principle of the water/earth element

*According to Hildegard black bile is associated with earth, as the cold/dry elements produce a melancholic or depressive temperament, while human blood is associated with air and the hot/moist elements that result in the happy or sanguine temperament. Yellow bile is associated with fire and hot/dry elements resulting in a choleric or an unforgiving temperament. Phlegm is associated with water as the cold/moist elements result in a sluggish or phlegmatic temperament.
In many cases the symptoms from disease and illness are the actual elements that need treated rather than specific pathogens, since energy patterns begin within the constitution consisting of all elements, including the compass directions. There is no single magic solution, however selecting foods/herbs/spices for longevity basically depends on the body’s needs within a given time or season… depending on the constitution or imbalance.”
Note: *The above is directly quoted from Karan’s Food Energetic CD Series- with exclusive permission to re-print at BABS Bakery website.

The seasons can vary dramatically, depending on where you live in the world, although a slight change in a season can be detected no matter where you live. The most consistent and not considered to have a seasonal change is Hawaii. When we understand seasonal patterns, we easily understand the daily cycles within the human body. Micro-periods are then broken down,, making each hour a change for us. Understanding seasons allows one to understand the times of day that the human body cycles through.
For example: Morning is earth/water or kapha predominates (such as winter) Mid-day is fire or pitta predominates (such as summer) Evening is air or vatta predominates (such as fall). The attributes outlined below are according to the most traditional seasonal changes in most temperate climates. These routines can vary if the weather varies within a season, such as a cooler than normal week in the mid-summer can include warmer spices with breakfast. There is no set rule to life itself, only wonderful guidelines that provide us with the knowledge of how to live life.
One guideline in life is the way in which BABS Bakery creates food by means of the energetic value, chemistry action to bake & cook, and including the various herbs & spices in each product to promote a balance within the elements when consumed. For example, the icing on the cake is formulated that way by utilizing a balance of cumin and coriander, yet the taste to the tongue is not present.
The seasonal foods below are only suggested from the bakery, since there is a need to eat according to a balance or imbalance and to match the season or illness. Moderation is the key to a craving, and that is another reason BABS Bakery was created to help enjoy those types of cravings, such as chocolate chip cookies…. in & out of season!
Enjoy every season and all the wonderful food it contains….

Element- Water. Winter is associated with storage and embodies a seed. It consists of short hours for light.

Life on the planet slows down in this season due to the damp, cloudy, cold qualities, provoking slower digestion. It is not good to skip meals or consume raw foods, ice cold beverages or foods, and avoid exposure to the wind and cold drafts. This season suppresses the quality of heat & air resulting in depression. Staying active is good so confusion does not settle in from inactivity. There is a need to kindle the agni (digestive fire) process and circulation. 
Here is a quick guide of foods:
At this time of season avoid dry & rough foods, while minimizing the bitter & astringent for vatta (air element). Avoid heavy oily foods, while minimizing the sour, sweet & salty for kapha (earth/water element). Such as, dairy products, pastas, breads, avocado, melons and bananas as these are considered kapha aggravating —while chips and dried fruits are vatta aggravating foods. Better choices are: easily digested foods with warmer spices as with soups, stews, oatmeal with spices, kitchari, poha, barley soup and herbal teas- such as chai, ginger & cinnamon tea. Grains are best for breakfast & meat is best eaten at lunchtime. Naps are not good in the winter as it provokes sluggishness.   
BABS Bakery suggested foods are:
Soups made that week for the climate, or most are listed for the season.
Spletza for the season.
Spelt patty with the seasonal accompaniment
Hildy Snax, Ginger snaps, Peppermint cake, Chip d’mint cookies for those who love their chocolate chip cookies, Spelt beverage, Herb muffin, Curry crackers, Christmas cookies, Jo-Java coffee cookie, Carrot cake,

Element- Wood. The association of birth allows spring to embody the power for new life. Day light hours become longer in communicating assertiveness for life to push onward with perseverance.

Mother earth awakens! As spring moves upward with the multitude of herbs & flowers popping up out of the ground, so does the deep sleep of winter sluggishness inside of the body need to move out as it is time to awaken the digestive fire again. The digestive fire naturally begins to rise up with this season. It is a season of healthy earth/water elements or kapha by releasing the sludge inside and allowing for a rejuvenation of the digestive fire to prepare us for summer foods & juices. This is a good time to clear out the excess cold & damp the body has accumulated from the sluggish winter and low digestive fire.
Here is a quick guide of foods:
At this time of season avoid heavy oily foods, and minimize the sour, sweet & salty substances within the engergetic value. Such as, dairy products, most seafood, wheat, pastas, breads, urad dal, avocado, melons, bananas, dates, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and squash, as these are considered kapha aggravating foods at this time. Better choices are: basamati rice, trout, chicken, and eggs, or foods with a bitter, pungent & astringent quality & energy. Barley, buckwheat, oats, quiona, artichoke, beets, broccoli, carrots, okra, radish, leafy greens popping up from the ground are good such as sage and dandelion leaves. Ginger & cardamom tea with a little bit of honey is good for this season. Smaller and lighter meals in this season becomes a better choice due to the elimination of the winter heaviness.
BABS Bakery suggested foods are:
Soups made that week for the climate, or most are listed for the season.
Spletza for the season.
Spelt patty with the seasonal accompaniment
Hildy Snax, Ginger snaps, Curry crackers, Jo-Java coffee cookie, Chip d’mint cookies for those who love their chocolate chip cookies. Late Spring, most sweeter items can be consumed such as Dorothy’s twists, Cinnamon rolls, Pretty pound cakes, --sage tea in between meals and after sweets assists in the eliminating of dampening conditions it may cause with an individual.

Element- Fire. The growth associated with summer embodies a rhythm of fruition. Daylight hours have grown long in order to communicate radiant light to ignite the heat of optimism.

Summer mornings are pleasant and waking up very early is a good way to enjoy them. Gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or cycling, but vigorous exercise is not recommended during the heat of the summer due to the hot, sharp and rough qualities. Controlling the heat at this time is important for the liver & intestines so they are beneficial for the season. Coconut oil is good to massage the body with as it is calming & cooling,, while great for the skin and sunburns, as well as rashes & hives which are pitta (fire element) provoked. After the massage, a lukewarm shower with sandalwood soap is beneficial. Low energy & fatigue are common with excess pitta (fire element).
Here is a quick guide of foods:
At this time of season avoid too many dry & rough, hot & spicy foods, while minimizing the pungent, sour & salty substances within the engergetic value. Such as, red meat and it is best to avoid sour & citrus fruits, raw carrots, beets, chili, tomato, sour cream, salted cheeses with high pitta (fire element). Fasting is not good at this time as it promotes hypoglycemia. Better choices include, cucumber (morning or lunch only) lettuce, sprouts, basamati rice with steamed vegetables, mung dal soup, rock candy, ghee is good to use with dishes, and salads (with fresh herbs too) are better at lunch time due to the digestive fire, otherwise consumed in the evening can cause gas. It is best to consume more sweet-bitter-astringent energetic qualities. Fresh fruit is a great snack, by itself.
Avoid ice cold foods & beverages, or foods and beverages with a sour, sweet & salty quality and energy. Roofahza is a great drink, as well as fennel & chrysanthemum tea.
BABS Bakery foods suggested foods are:
Soups made that week for the climate, or most are listed for the season.
Spletza for the season.
Spelt patty with the seasonal accompaniment
Lemon cookies & cakes, Jujube/Raisin or Date filled cookies, Coconut cream pie cookies, Hawaiian delight cookies, Island of coconut cake, Sugar cookies, Carrot cake, Pineapple squares, -Craving most sweeter foods can be consumed in moderation such as Dorothy’s twists, Cinnamon rolls & Pretty pound cakes,,, using sage/fennel or mint tea after sweets assists in eliminating of the dampening conditions it may cause with an individual. Also nibbling on fresh mint or other herbs afterwards is good.

Element- Metal. The association of a harvest is embodied in completion. This complete embodiment of faith is in that the dying of the old makes way for the new with a vision of standards that need to occur, while being highly motivated with peace and attainment of each cycle.
Element- Earth.The center of rhythm is embodied and oriented toward transitions from one season to the next. This late season is associated with transformation, which in turn allows for cycles to continue in the ease they need within a rhythm to balance.

Crisp, cool air brings the wind & dryness or vatta (wind element) with a need to keep digestive fire going, as the decline in warmth allows for cold/damp to settle within. Embracing favorite fall foods helps with this as nature has already provided us with the harvest. Delicious fall treats help us eliminate damp and keep kindling the digestive fire to rid the body of unwanted pathogenic invasions, including avoiding cold drafts. Fall is also a good time to clear with purgatives and cleansing, if the constitution can with hold it. Freeing the body of the excess summer heat and damp allows it to prepare the lungs for a successful winter in better health.
Here is a quick guide of foods:
At this time of season avoid dry, rough foods, and minimize the bitter, pungent & astringent substances within the engergetic value. Such as, chips, dried raisins- or dried fruit in general, barley and broccoli, as these are considered vatta or wind aggravating foods at this time. Better choices are easily digested foods such as grains made into breads, mushy soups, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, chicken soup, porridge, steamed vegetables with basamati rice, while avoiding ice cold foods & beverages, or foods with a sour, sweet & salty quality & energy. Raw foods at this time slow down the digestive fire too much and aggravate the wind element or Vatta. Another good hint is hot milk, as it induces a sound sleep while nourishing deeper tissues, and goat milk is exceptionally good this time of year. Ghee added in the evening lubricates the colon.  A slice of fresh ginger root & honey tea is good in the morning for this season. More rest at this time of year helps eliminate stress and will aid with digestion.

BABS Bakery suggested foods are:
Soups made that week for the climate, or most are listed for the season.
Spletza for the season.
Spelt patty with the seasonal accompaniment.
Hildy Snax, Pumpkin Squares, Pineapple squares, Apple Dumplings, Apple Crisp, Cinnamon rolls, Spelt beverage, Herb muffin, Oatmeal cookies, Breads/Bisquits/Rolls, Nut butter cookies,


No vegan or gluten free foods are offered at this time.

All products are a spelt blend with unbleached wheat, unless special ordered with all spelt.

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