Food Energetic 1


How is Food…Energy? CD #1

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This is the first CD in a series explaining FOOD ENERGETICS according to the teachings of Ayurveda, Chinese & Hildegard von Bingen’s medicine. The great elements of earth, wind, fire & water interact with foods/herbs/spices to create energetic patterns within the human body. The key to digestion is returning to balance within the great elements contained in foods/herbs/spices by way of their tastes & flavors and temperature & actions. The effects of emotions, organs, & illnesses due to compatible or incompatible combinations are addressed with examples in everyday terms, yet introducing the listener to a “lost” but not forgotten language for healing. 

$15.00                                                                                                                                                      + .88 cents tax each

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Where did the Village Go? CD #2
Modern villages have replaced the ones that ancient systems still uphold within Food Energetics & healing. Explore the simple explanations of the elements contained within the physical world & the human body by way of: The change of seasons, the quality of weather, the inside & outside climate control systems, the human compass, differences in the Eastern & Western diet, and finding the village again! Making the elements effective is the healing secret in this CD by learning the rate of growth, patterns of disharmony, balancing temperatures, and the twenty basic qualities in order how to determine the energetics of foods/herbs/spices and within the interaction of the human body and the climate.

$15.00                                                                                                                                                               + .88 cents tax each

Formulas within the Elements! CD #3
All elements are contained with life and that is what a constitution of a person reacts to from foods, herbs & spices. This CD explores waste, the human body and its sensitivity to climate, how the invasion of climate can affect the defense systems, six pathogens of invasion, the biological clockwork of humans & the elements, what is true nourishment & how it works, and how to create a formula! Learning how to make the elements match the formula within the pattern of harmony or disharmony is the healing secret in this CD!  

$15.00                                                                                                                                                               + .88 cents tax each

Do Magical Foods Exist! CD #4
Ancient wisdom has been preserved for thousands of years and is still used accurately today through the use of signs & symptoms that are diagnosed by means of energy within the body. Understanding the Art-of-Living is what promotes longevity within foods, and this becomes the importance in a formula, which includes the Spiritual Properties that foods/herbs/spices contain. Listen to stories about foods/herbs/spices from many of the universal remedies for relief. This CD explores fun with foods & formulas and how to begin to empower life with the compass directions. The existence of “Magical Foods” becomes the healing secret in this CD!

$15.00                                                                                                                                                               + .88 cents tax each

Incompatible Food Chart -- $4.00 each + .27 cents tax (laminated)
This wonderful food chart is a great companion with the Food Energetic CD series! Lists many foods from various sources of Chinese, Ayurvedic and Hildegard teachings. only sold locally.

The Secret Village of Foods/Herbs/Spices- -- $ each (coming soon)
A Food Energetic Workbook!
This is a wonderful workbook that accompanies CD#1- CD#2- CD#3- CD#4-.  It reads along with the CD’s, but has more in it to allow the reader to chart some of their own foods/herbs/spices, constitution, seasonal diet, plus more… in order to enhance learning about Chinese, Hildegard & Ayurvedic works.  

The CD’s were created to help the beginner or advanced learner to understand Hildegard, Chinese or Ayurveda systems focusing on the energy of foods/herbs/spices in relation to the human body. The basics are included with understandable explanations, as each CD expands into new information. An incompatible food chart, this website, and a companion workbook accompanies the CD’s for easy comprehension.

CD Reviews

"Entertaining, as the information on the CD's reflect in depth the effects of ingested food in the body from Hildegard's source integrating Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine and principles. Easy listening to understand, while beneficial to the conscious eaters or anyone who desires to deepen their knowledge on nutrition. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I strongly recommend the CD's, as it will be of a great help and provide awareness to the mind, body and spirit whereas you are a beginner or already advanced on the road to a better you!”
Sandra Riveau, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Hallandale, FL-USA
Sandri Ayruved’s website:

"Karan Schneider shares a wealth of ancient wisdom in her Food Energetics CDs, which are unique, and entertaining. As a fan of alternative and holistic nutrition for over four decades, I still learned new things from Karan and I’m sure I also absorbed even more, with her tranquil audio presentation and skills as Clinical Hypnotherapist!
Food Energetics, and the companion printed materials, strike me as a fun way to introduce health and healing to a family with children or a school project. As important as it is to know that processed foods degrade our health, we can’t underestimate how essential it is to know that natural foods, herbs and spices can be utilized for healing. There is a reason why the principles of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have survived thousands of years and Food Energetics builds a strong case for making this information available to all."
Kartar Diamond, owner of Feng Shui Solutions 

My personal Chinese practitioner: Dr. Zhu.
'Very-good, calm voice, smooth to listen to, just how the liver likes it, smooth.'
He smiled and said, 'Where did you buy this, my wife would like them.'-Then I told him it was me.

Bai Wei Chinese Herbal Store- (translates to- ‘Lots-of-Tastes’)
Dr. YINHAI ZHU –practitioner (from & studied in Beijing, China)
Cleveland, OH -USA


Emerging Wings, Unaware— ©2004 KAS


The translucent, yet opaque look is a multidimensional value as you see the levels of finely layered colors called Emerging Wings, Unaware. An inside rainbow of passion colors along with the presence of angels is the visual representation for your daily reminder of your inner process of self-hypnosis and the relation to prayer and meditation. The handmade jewelry is a spiritual visual force in knowing your core beliefs emerge like the wings of the angels; a true seed of internal conversion.

It is a tangible product in order to become a visual realization that there are one or many angels with you always. It is a reminder that we all possess these emerging wings that are unaware at times to assist you in your journey of emotions.

Along my life journey with the Archangel Gabriele, has now guided me to create the Emerging Wings, Unaware. A visual representation of peace and protection the angels bring us even if they seem unaware to the visible eye, yet they are always with us.  May be worn as a necklace, or hang it anywhere you desire to help create the visual image of the angels. These are not meant to be worshiped at all !! They are meant for a visual guide in helping you see the angels and remember to call upon them when you need them.  You may have these wings emerge into one large wing or have as many as a multitude of angels’ wings be with you. Let them help you, as you need them, or better yet ask them to always be there with you. However many angels you need this is a visual guide to help you see them and know they are really there for you. Just thinking of the angels emerges their wings to protect and guide you. When you look closely, you see many tiny feathers awaiting the emerging of their wings with your thoughts of the angels.

Approximately 1 ½ inches in length and no wider than ½ inch. An off white/marbled background allows for depth and translucence to enhance other colors.  All colors vary as they are a one of a kind piece.
Retail= $15.00

Emerging Wings Unaware is Your Angel Company.

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