Meditative Herbs & Enchanted Fowlk Life

Meditative Herbal Merchandise
Each item becomes a special thought whenever looked upon, whether an herbal significance, a faiery message, a medieval castle, or just the silence of a village within another lifetime,, because these expressive houses are created from many of my Enchanted Fowlk stories. Each creation has its own story at this website to share with you or anyone that receives them as a gift.
Most of the articles used in making these products are clean recycled materials. Just because it's recycled, it doesn't mean there isn't anymore energy in them. When in fact, lots of love and enjoyment goes into cleaning and creating a new meaning for these visual products. Such as the herbs: After making my families herbal tea formulas I would put all the used herbs in a pile outside and every few months dig them into the dirt or my youngest son used the compost from them in his garden. In February 2016 I decided to re-dry them, not knowing what I wanted to do with them, and then soon I visualized certain houses. Over the past 25+ years I have created items from my writings (such as Faiery Pond- seen towards the bottom of this page), but now make them more often with these houses. I also wanted to utilize items I threw away such as water bottles, take out containers, lids, etc. And I did! They help create the potential for sharing mental and emotional levels of positive reinforcement to help heal with good intentions, or assisting in balancing thoughts.
Special thanks to Dr. Yinhai Zhu and his wife Peifeng Wu from Beijing China for mentoring me in Chinese medicine. His store is called Bai-Wei which means Five-Flavors in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Meditative Herbal Houses have their own meaning just for you! These in particular are the Chinese Herbal Houses.
Other houses and castles hold a faiery message or an enchanting moment waiting to tell its own story,, because all of them are created from a story all it's own,, maybe even my own true-life faiery tales I really lived... 

Welcome to the wonderful land of Enchanted Fowlk Life! 
It is simple to enter,, just believe and begin to scroll downwards.


Welcome to the Ivy Village...

Enchanted Fowlk Life
The silence of a long forgotten village is broken as you gaze upon a moment each house contains. A faiery message perhaps? The enchantment this fowlk life speaks is another language from another lifetime we all dream about, but dare to speak about,, except as an expression of fantasy,, but is it really just fantasy? Or is it the lifetime we only dare to dream about, but now can ponder looking at each house and listening to the secrets they tell us,, in a cool silent moment. Each one becomes a special thought whenever looked upon. Many of these houses and scenes I create are from my writings are about the Ivy Village, Gemstone Mountains, Faiery Pond, Princess Liliyana & Tisia the faiery, the first Eflen King- Belphebe, Zagaf & Zacmir the dwarfs,, along with many other characters you cannot help but fall in love with... For now, just fall in love with a house and call it a home.


Flowering Faiery Houses
A faieries secret life remains so, until a desire to meet mankind. Before the many styles of faiery villages could disappear a likeness was created to share the challenging manners of expression from another energy kingdom that mankind was parted from. The first picture is the beginning of the house, the second picture is how the vines grow with a tiny bud, and the following pictures are the blossoms of the flowering houses!
No two are the same because each one blossoms into it's own design!
Small $5.00 each
Large $10.00 to $15.00 each
Prices can vary due to decoration

Faiery Stump Houses
Faieries love trees, and what is better than a tree-stump house! The faiery door leads into a magical house filled with rooms, staircases and an imagination of fun. Enjoy the many designs we will create, because no tree stumps are the same.
Small $5.00 each
Large $10.00 to $15.00 each


Portals, Doors & Gateways  -sold out for now
The beautiful golden circles entangle thoughts to enter the imagination, when current thoughts are overwhelming. Step into one of them and escape whatever bothers good thoughts, even if it is for a moment. Doorways that only you can enter and Gates that invite thoughts to wander into them as if a mist beckons one to enter,, a mere touch leaves the physical world.  
Portals  $8.00 each
Doors  $8.00 each
Gateways  $8.00 each

Gnomes are mysterious creatures that 'pop' out of nowhere and usually seem to know what is going on when they arrive, yet there are times they have 'popped' up and came face to face with an ork or troll. This style of Gnome 'pops' out of any area, be it ground, a tree log, grass or a mossy creek side. Only the head shows itself, just in case a quick departure is needed and burrows back into a tunnel.
$8.00 each

Some Gnomes 'pop' out to see what is going on and do not realize their whole body is showing.  Once this style of Gnome has "popped" out of an area, they cannot burrow back so easily, and scurry to hide in a log, behind a bush or even inside of a crack within a nearby house or castle... And others are always ready for a sleigh ride!
$12.00 each


Opening a book always amazed me and when certain books are left open something magical happens,, they come to life.
Delightful scenes accompany each open book to gaze upon and then create your own mind-scene whenever you leave a book open.
$15.00 each

Who Lives Here?  -sold out for now
These are the houses no one wants to go in or imagine what is in them, but they do exist and they are a part of any story,, sometimes hiding the Trollz Silverware,, and other times hiding a dragon,, as the eye peers out of the back of the house just watching.
$10.00 each


Medieval Castles
These were inspired by a man that my grandfather told me I was to meet one day and I did years ago. He built a real castle!
"Dobro dom" in Croatian translates to - Good Home. I have always loved the Medieval life, and my favorite saint to whom this is all dedicated to- Hildegard von Bingen who lived that time frame.
Small $15.00 each
Large $20.00
Prices can vary due to decoration

Elfen Lord Castles
The days of Knights, Lords and the Elfen Fowlk are not completely gone. These were inspired by the Ivy Village from my writings, as are all of my products. The green of life is known as Virditas, which is a Latin word that can be interpreted as "green-being-the-root-of-life itself". The Ivy Village and the Eflen Lord Castles interacted freely, until one day the Virditas was not a lush as it once was, due to the lack of belief from mankind in the Elfen friendships. For it was much easier to believe in worldly things and be swayed into the dark path,,, the path that led them into some of the Dark Lord Castles once they left the Ivy Village. The Elfen Lords hid themselves inside of their castles and would only look out a high up window now and then to see if the Ivy Village still remained, if it did at all.
Large with Golden face $15.00 each
Large with painted face $20.00 each
Prices can vary due to decoration

Enchanted Castles
Good men were driven from the Ivy Village for still believing in the Elfen friendship. In return for their loyalty the Elfen Lords did not leave these good men abandoned for Orkz & Trolls to carry off into a Dark Lord Castle. Hence, they built the Enchanted Castles for them to live in. They were hidden by grapevines that grew around them and within the vines the birds made their nests and the forest friends came to eat of the fruit.
$10.00 each


Dragon Eggs
Each one of these has an eye watching to make sure trollz such as Nipmo, Doron & Fiegl cannot sniff them out, or the Evil Sprite twins, Dynite & Dobin do not steal them before they hatch and take them to the Goblin King Jada. There the goblin guards,
Volco & Uchi to put in cages until they hatch. Meanwhile, the Dwarf guardians, Zagaf & Zacmir keep most of them safe deep
within the Gemstone Mountains.The dragon eye does not want to look at the evil goblins, trollz or sprites because as soon as the eye makes contact with the outsider it is bound to them. Carefully 'see' the eye within the egg that will become your dragon, since it will always be your companion and help you with any task,, so,, as you choose your dragon egg,, your dragon chooses you!
$8.00 each

Dragon Eye Bottles
These one of a kind bottles have a dragon trapped inside of each one by an evil troll, and they are waiting to be released. Until then only one eye peers out, occasionally the dragon's breathe will escape the top of the bottle. Each one of these has an eye watching to make sure the evil trollz Nipmo, Doron & Fiegl cannot sniff them trying to escape. The wicked Sprite twins, Dynite & Dobin also want them in order to snatch the dragon eggs from them. The Goblin King Jada tries to see it all through his crystal spyglass, because he can then send the goblin guards, Volco & Uchi to put the eggs in cages until they hatch. Meanwhile, the Dwarf guardians, Zagaf & Zacmir continue their search to find each Dragon-Eye bottle to set them free to roam the Gemstone Mountains once again. 
For decorative use only.
Large $10.00 each
Wee Small $5.00 each


Chinese Herbal Houses
These houses represent certain herbs and how they act in the body when the formula taken. Such as: a house may have the herbs- Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome/ Leaf of Pamiculatemicrocos/ White Angelica/ Dried Tangerine Peel/ Licorice rhizome & Stem of Suberect Spatholobus,, this would represent weight loss, water draining and energy circulation. What a great way to look at an object and help the mental and emotional attitude!
Small $5.00 each
Large $10.00
Bamboo Hut $8.00 each
Prices can vary due to decoration


Creative Space  -sold out for now
These consist of bamboo pieces with birdseed (and other varied herbs) representing your own creative thoughts as you look at it, such as a sense of peace is welcomed. The bamboo has many meanings, one is to symbolize longevity. The red string will bring out the Yang energy needed. As for the birdseed, I added it to honor & remember my good friend Margie and the Feng Shui Masters
within her family in Japan. In 1989 she taught me that when birdseed tossed into the North, one is to make a curved path with it and toss some upon the front door because it brings prosperity into the home. I did not know whether to believe her, but she told me,
"I believe for the of us" and showed me. Since then, I have never lacked prosperity from my artwork.
$8.00 each


Orks and Trollz Trix
The yellow-throated Vireo bird who can hide within the hedges and the Chihuahuan Raven who flies high in the sky, warns others where the Orkz & Trollz have made a campsite. This time they can see the trollz-holez near their silverware that was left out by the three orkz- Aswan, Amaral & Orizabba.  
There are also nasty faieries that help these evil creatures. They are called Fatums, in Latin meaning fate. These are the bad faieries who steal items for evil purposes to help goblinz, trollz & orkz who in turn influence more evil to the Fatums, such as the wicked troll Vidor and the sinister goblinz Uchi & Volco. The iniquity they carry with them is a powerful energy force to the dark side. These Fatums are taken with the beautiful-side of evil ways making themselves wicked solitary faieries, such as Velton, Soquel and Eweka. They are ones who choose to live in small and mostly single unit lives of greed, especially on the other side of the trollz holes that deceive anyone who enters into them. Yet, not all solitary faieries are bad, but most of them are usually the innocent ones who were influenced and deceived. "Ooooh- just makes me shiver to think about it!"
On a happier note:
The remaining good brownies, sprites and dwarfs understand the thoughts of the evil ones and can help by guessing their next move. The good dwarfs Zacmir, Zagaf and Towlac still help from deep in the Emerald Forest that leads to the Gemstone Mountains, while King Rambin of the Brownies and his faithful look-out, Freye the sprite assist in what-ever they may have to do in order to help.
For decorative use only.
From $2.00 to $4.00 each
Troll Holes $4.00 each -sold out for now

Story  Time
Man- Meat- Pie

(This story is told with a Scottish/Irish accent)
There once was a man who could escape out of any prison they sent him to, mind ya. He believed he did not ever have ta answer for his being a thief. A monk came to the prison and told him, "Turn your actions to good my lad, for if not,, a day may pass that the sun won't be able ta shine on ya, and then you will serve a master worse than any slave. For 'tis a place unknowst to a mortal man where this uncanny master lives, and he will give you what you like, but, you will never get to have it."
Then he was changed over to the prison nearby the lands whereby the villagers tell the tale of the holes where a man disappears right into the ground. Well, one day this man escaped the prison and ran towards this area, not knowing where he was going. Whilst he ran further into this land, a hole he did meet. He went downwards and he seemed to fall for hours until he could finally see dim lights and then, boom,, he hit his head on the floor and just lay there. 
When he awoke he saw three trollz, says he to them, "Aye, can I be of service to ya and then be repaid with a bite to eat?"
A growling laughter came from the trollz, and then one spoke, "Do you like dessert?" 
The man's eyes opened wide and he says to him, "Oh, 'tis indeed I do,, so tell me now,, ehh what service can I be doing for this bite to eat?" 
The man began to look around and he thought to himself, 'hmmm, there is nuthin here fer me ta take when I exit later as they sleep.'
The other troll looked at him and said, "Oh, I think your wrong." And the man looked surprised, "I don't thinks me spoke a word." 
"We hear you just the same," the last troll said gruffly. Then he walked over to a pile of dirt and kicked into the small mound revealing a wooden box. Said he to the man, "Open it and get what you need to eat your dessert." The man opened it and saw many ornate solid sterling silverware. "What kind of dessert are you thinking about?"
His first choice was a pie scooper, as he said, "I do hope you have some pie."
They laughed and all at once gruffed out, "Yes, we have meat pie!" The first troll went and built a fire, whilst the man asked, "What 'tis the fire for? Ya know, ya can't make a proper pie inside of the fire." The troll answered, "Yes we can, we just need to roast the meat first," as the gathered around the man. He became frightened and walked backwards right into the silverware chest. It spilled out and under the chest were many others, except he noticed these pieces of silverware had bones and trinkets attached to them. His eyes grew wide as he stared at them. The troll said, "As tall as you now stand, they too once were, before they fit into my hand." And as the troll grabbed the mans arm, he shrunk small enough to fit over that fire, and they roasted him. When he was done they took him for meat and made a Man- Meat- Pie, while serving it with that very same pie server. And when they were done, his bones were attached to that pie server. That man became the dessert for them, and then the pie server,, only to serve them for eternity, just as the monk had warned him to mend his way. 

Dark Lord Castle
The nasty faieries known as Fatums reveal where these castles are hidden to the Orkz & Trollz that desire to hide a victim there. Once the victim is taken there the jaw of the doorway opens wide as if to swallow whomever walks inside. The Fatum lures an innocent dragonfly, faiery or even the forest friends to the area, and then the Dark Lord Castle play its part in hiding victims for ransom. The trade for them are the precious Gemstone Dragon Eggs!!
Medium size $10.00 each


Christmas Houses
On top of the fence rests the majestic red Madagascar owl with eyes that glow like the aqua color of the Indian ocean. It is a place he loves to sit and admire these houses. A holiday is a fun time and the Forest Folk love to decorate for Christmas. These houses add joy to any decor because they were created with joy. The faiery Dutha wearing a silvery flowing dress and a pair of Monarch butterfly wings flitters near them sprinkling gold glitter on the Christmas houses. 
Wee Small -Winter House $3.00 each
Medium $5.00 each
Large $10.00 each


Decorative Bottles
Assorted bottle sizes are uniquely decorated and can be placed anywhere to enjoy.
Maybe a faiery has settled into one and will flitter out to see where she has been taken.
For decorative use only.
$10.00 each

Jewelry Tree
The Gentle Fowlk love to live in trees, and these trees hold the treasures they collect on the journeys far away. Be it a ring, necklace, car keys or a bracelet. 
$25.00 to $35.00 each


Java Huts  -sold out for now
The Gentle Fowlk love tea, but in modern times they developed a taste for coffee. These lovely 'java-huts' are a 'hang-out' for faieries, and one can find them there in the early morning preparing the coffee bean for an early morning cup of Java. If you find your coffee beans missing, well,, you might want to look around for a Java-Hut to find them. You might even find the faiery Delisia enjoying a visit there.  
Medium $8.00 each


Faiery Gifts
In the days when Faieries, Elfen Fowlk and Dwarfs were common friends with mankind, the humans often left them gifts as their gratitude. These particular faiery gifts were for tea-time and even a wash basin to enjoy at home. One time the Elf King Belphebe received so many gifts such as these, that he was able to share one to each household within his kingdom. 
The fairey triplets Gwendel, Gwendal & Gwendrel wearing green ivy leaf clothes with tiny flowers for belts helped to distribute them among his villages.
$5.00 each


Gemstone Houses
The faiery Leisa wearing her purple dress was riding on Lindsorg the dragon fly. As they passed by these houses she dropped gemstones upon them that they had collected deep within the waterfalls of FaieryPond leading to the Gemstone Mountains. These houses vary due to the gemstone or crystals used to create them, while some are genuine and others are faux. Precious & semi-precious gemstones are the earth's vital treasure for their intrinsic values to restore health and balance. They possess special qualities for the physical and vibrational systems at the same time. Whereas herbs & spices are more for the physical and the essence of them are more for the spiritual. Refer to my article: Hildegard & Mineralogy- Ancient Healing with Gems & Crystals:    
$10.00 - $15.00 each


Traveling Houses
These are small houses with various sea shells. In Feng Shui the conch shell attracts auspicious travels and is placed in the living room, hence these faierie houses travel quite often. Not all faieries enjoy flying everywhere with their wings and they are the ones who built these tiny houses, because faieries love to travel.  The fairey Imelda, wearing an acorn hat with a green and yellow threaded dress with oak leaf wings, was the original designer of them.
$5.00 each


Magical Floating Houses
The Brown Thrasher & the Boreal Chickadee birds blend in with the tree branches, just waiting to welcome these houses to their tree. They float around from tree to tree and inspire motivation to "get things done" by not "staying put" in one place. Brimbil the Bumblebee visits them often wherever they may settle, because he helps to transport the nearby dwellers upwards to visit with them. 
$5.00 each


Faiery Boats  -sold out for now
Gentle Fowlk, such as faieries, love to lounge around in the water. Be it on a blade of grass, a flower petal or their wonderful boats. Some of the boats are walnut shells that were split into half, while others are these mysterious shells. The inside of a mussel shell is polished and then mystical colors of the shell glow. The rope is tied onto something so they do not float too far away and sticks are used as paddles.
$4.00 each


Faiery Hats 
They can be used as an ornament or just hang it somewhere, but don't be surprised if it is missing one day, because a faiery just might need a new hat and take it. 

Faiery Acorn Hats - Story time

Acorns and the tops are an important part of faiery life, because they serve many purposes. A few are: hats, bowls, cups, planters etc.. Since they can only be gathered in Autumn the faieries watch carefully for them to fall from the mighty oak tree and then gather them up in the different sizes needed. Here is a typical story about certain faieries who gather them each year.
Every Autumn the faieries Kamen, Niecy, Cambria and their leader Eudora gather acorns & the tops for the upcoming year. As they gathered the acorn tops Niecy complained as usual, hoping to get sent home, but Eudora patiently listened. Niecy sighed and then blurted out, "The sun is too bright and its hard to see the tops."
Kamen flitted over to Cambria and whispered, "She always complains, each year, as if something is going to change when we gather them. I'm getting tired of listening to her." Cambria giggled and looked over to Niecy happily saying, "Then come over where we are because look," as she pointed to the right of them. "It is shaded, yet we still have lots of brightness, and they are very easy to see, come on, there are so many over here."
"Yes, see our boxes are almost full!" exclaimed Kamen.
Niecy looked surprised and then made a disgusted face as she began to slowly fly over towards them. Kamen looked at Cambria with an 'I told-ya so' look and then they both giggled. Eudora glanced over to them saying, "Whenever you find a task unpleasant, look for the gratitude that it will bring. Be happy gathering what we need for the upcoming year and how plentiful the oak tree is to us each year."
Kamen added, "Just like when Cambrias shoe lace broke this morning, she chuckled and said she was glad to have shoes, and as she said that Brimbill the Bumblebee came in the window and gave her a new vine for them so we would not be late today."
Cambria nodded her head yes, "Yup, that is just what happened."
Niecy smirked, shrugged her shoulders and as she bent down to pick up an acorn top she softy spoke, "This one will make a nice cup for me this winter." Then she looked up at the oak tree saying, "Thank you for allowing me to gather the wonderful acorns and tops this year." She turned and looked at the other three with an uncertain look on her face, "Well I guess I am happy."
They all laughed and Eudora said, "Practice it more and more, and soon you won't be bothered with unpleasantness." Niecy smiled and they continued to find acorn tops. Niecy held one up and imagined it as her hat, and smiled knowing other faieires decorate them with 'Diamond-dust'.

Certain acorn tops have various meanings:

When found with a twig it usually has a tiny acorn that was forming and it brings twice good luck.

When clusters of three are found they are given to faierie triplets,
such as Gwendel, Gwendal & Gwendrel who often help the Elf King Belphebe.

These double clusters are for faiery twins, such as Valdia & Valdesia,, or the twin brothers Valda & Valdese.

Depending on the age, these are given to a toddler, child or teenager due to the size of the hat needed.


Magic Keys
Every forest has magical keys hanging from tree limbs, yet some may also have a faiery dust bottle. These forest keys unlock the doors to your imagination and into a land of enchanting fun!
$8.00 each

Flower Gardens
In Feng Shui they create harmony and good feelings in particular compass directions.
The Southeast, North & East gardens require rectangular flowerbeds with blue & leafy plants, while the jade or 'money-plant' is also good here. The West & Northwest need round or semi-circular containers or beds with yellow or white flowers. The South, Southwest & Northeast arrange in a square bed or container with red pink, yellow and orange flowers. Try it and watch how the "Gentle Fowlke" enter them in harmony.
Queen Dororosa loves her gardens within FaieryPond. One day as she passed a garden one of tiny flowers from the Coreopsis plant, and the blue & yellow Violets smiled and ran up to Dororosa shouting, "We are up and out of the ground, it is springtime, wake up everyone!!" 
Dororosa hushed their loud voices and spoke softly to them, "We must remain quite for not all the flowers have been woken up and some are still sleeping, needing to finish their dreams,, soon they too will awaken."
Wide-eyed they look at the Queen and said "Oh,, sorry we did not realize that, we can wait to play with them," and scurried away giggling.  


Faiery Pools -sold out for now  
Liggin the dragon fly zooms in and out enjoying a visit with a faiery, and sometimes the faiery Delisia stops and gathers news from Liggin to tell Faiery God-mother. My large FaieryPond inspired these lovely little pools of water that the beloved winged creatures stop to dip their feet into and then flitter back into the air. Small ponds are best placed in North, East & Southeast energy sectors even though it is not real water it still represents the water element. 
Small $8.00 each
Large $12.00 each

Faiery Pond

Faieries are known as 'Gentle Fowlke' because in ancient times mankind was warned not to call faieries of any species by a common name. Certain or common names slighted the faieries, but FaireyPond is a relaxed and understanding place, yet always on guard. Here, they are better known as communal faieries, meaning ones which live together in a land like this with a queen or even a king and enjoy their names, because they understand how a name has a meaning. 

I created FaieryPond about 25 years ago, unfortunately it was put away for about 10 years because it was originally put together to become a large scale automata as in the Golden Ages. I brought out in 2010 when I realized how special this was to me back then and even though it did not become a full scale working automata, it did become the basis for all of my tales I write about.
It has been worked on, updated, and resides under the first part of the stairway of my deck steps.
It is approximately 3 foot by 5 foot and weighs over 80 pounds.  


This is the creek behind my house,, and it is within this area that the real secret to FaireyPond resides. There are purple Water Iris's to the left and what appears to be lily pads to the right area, which are actually purple Aquatic Pickerel. This is where I originally wanted to put it, but it would have eventually been destroyed by the waters and the drastic weather changes.
It lives here in my imagination, where it originated in my tales. 

3 water iris 7.jpg

In the mid-Spring the Water Iris's are in bloom, which last about 2-3 weeks and then the
Aquatic Pickerel is next to bloom from within the waters. 


Aquatic Pickerel are in bloom for most of the summer, after the Water Iris's are done in the Springtime.
In the background, across the creek, are many Lilypads that surround a small swamp-like island, and it is there the
secret entrances to dwarf caves can be seen, but only for a few days. 


After the long cold winter and the water becomes quite low, for a mere few days you can see these secret dwarf entrances, but soon they will be covered up with fast growing grass. And that is a good thing, because there are trollz lurking around to find them. 


This is a close-up of an entrance that leads underground to the Gemstone Mountains.
They are un-noticed by the trolls because the Canadian Geese gather in front of them nibbling at the bugs in the mud
helping to hide the entrance from the trollz and orkz lurking around. 


Once inside of Faireypond the large aquatic leaves part and the sun rise shines on the waters. 


Queen Dororosa arrives and welcomes the butterflies when summertime arrives at the pond.


The Pond Faieries guard the realms where mirrors meet, better known as the Myrrour- meaning my hour of reflection is now.
The medieval faieries that live in the Elfen lands still appear to honor and keep the stories alive, so they are not forgotten.  


The sunlight sparkles onto the Myrrour and a faiery will soon know their truthful reflection. 


A certain fairey door that can be seen by intruders, is there only to lure them away from the real faiery doors that are magically seen other places. Many gemstones are carefully placed in front of it by the frogs to allow the greedy intruder to find them. Once the intruder goes through the door it leads to the outside of the pond and any gemstones they tried to take with them falls from their hands back into the waters of the creek. 


The sun reveals the key to the fairey door and it looks like solid gold, the intruder uses it, only to discover it cannot leave the lock
once it enters and the door opens. 


A fairey statue stands on the other side of this door to make sure the intruder cannot enter into FaieryPond, because some bring the dust of a troll with them and sprinkle it out of the door just before they cross into it. This allows the next place they seek to be seen, but not always enter, a clever trick from a troll and a protection to FaieryPond.


Just beyond the door-
This is an view overlooking the bridge that leads to the walnut-shell boats that carry the gemstones the faieries collect
from inside of the magical waterfall. 


Frogs love to collect the colored marbles at the pond. They make sure they are placed in areas to collect the sun & moon energies.
For these energies help detect if there is troll dust tossed into the open faiery door. 


Faireies dangle among the flowering tree no bigger than 1/4 of an inch. They wisp around faster than a hummingbird collecting tales from other lands and then whisper them into the ears of those who need to hear them. 


Tiny golden musical fairies sit in various places among the gemstones and play tunes day or night.
But, you can only see them if a sunbeam or moonbeam lights them up.


A fairey dances on the water with the dragonflies and then enjoys swishing along the waters with the swans.  


Various ancient ivory fairey-gates are hiding among the waterfalls for a visitor to find them.
They are an entrance to another part of the pond, while the unsuspecting praying mantis guards the gemstones.


Still moments are a part of the pond life when the sun meets the water and the animals greet one another.


Grasshoppers, frogs, snails and many others enjoy life here.
They love the enduring energy this pond contains and are always eager to help the faieries maintain it.  


Faiery Orbs gather until dusk and then light up signaling to faieries at the other end of the pond that night is here and the moonlight will soon glow so they can play their nocturnal musical instruments for all. 




Note: Enchanted or Gentle Fowlk (Fowlke) include all the spiritual properties of nature, which comprise the Elves, Dwarves, Brownies, Faieries, Orkz, Trollz, ect.
Elfen spelled Elfin means it is a dangerous and evil elf. 

Warning for products: All products are for decorative use only. All materials used are not to be consumed in anyway shape or form. Not for adults, animals, babies, toddlers or children, etc., who put items in their mouth because of choking hazards, non digestible items and they are not made for outdoor use. -Made in the USA.

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