Christmas Specialties-

Specialty Items: 
Kolachi or Nutroll- $10.00 or current market price on nuts.
Poppyseed roll- $10.00 or current market price.
Apricot Roll - $10.00 or current market price
Christmas Cinnamon Roll-  A large cinnamon roll with icing, walnuts & drizzled in dark chocolate. $3.95 each – 
Only at Christmas! Sold year ‘round –but must be ordered by the dozen at this price.
Pralines- $13.50 lb. A chocolate & a hint of peanut butter candy delight! 
Spelt Fudge- ($13.00 per lb. Plain) ($17.50 per lb. Walnuts) ($13.50 per lb. Coconut) ($13.50 per lb.
with Starbucks Via Coffee)This fudge is creamy and satisfying..
Old Fashioned cooked Fudge-  ($8.00 per lb, plain) This fudge is chocolate, smooth and as delicious as the era it came from in the 1960's.
Rosemary Pecans- $22.00 per lb. or Current market price on pecans. Rosemary herb adds a unique taste to toasted pecans for a new Christmas treat.
Peppermint Patty -$15.00 per lb. Pure peppermint oil in a unique creamy blend!

Christmas Cookie Tray 
 1 ½ dozen assorted Christmas cookies for $20.00
3 dozen assorted Christmas cookies. for $35.00
Custom Trays are available & need to be pre-ordered as early as possible and pre-paid.
One (1) dozen assorted Christmas Cookies. $10.00

Cut-Out-Cookies- Seasonal & Party time cookies.
One (Single) Large Decorated cut-out. $3.00 each
Medium size Decorated cut-out. $12.00 dozen decorated.

Christmas Cookies and Special Occasion Cookies can be shipped. Presently, our staff of happy, cold penguins cannot deliver all products everywhere due to hot weather.


Christmas Cookies sold per dozen only

Jingle Bell Drops— $9.50 per dozen.
Chocolate, pretzels, various nutz, & spices make this a treat to think about whenever you hear a Christmas bell!
Marble squares--- $9.50 per dozen.
Swirls of cream cheese in a chocolate base
w/choc drizzle.

Spiced Date bars--- $9.50 per dozen.
Dusted in powdered sugar.
Ginger Bread Hearts--- $9.50 per dozen.
Iced Gingy-Hearts.
Black Forest- $9.50 per dozen
Cherry filling in a chocolate crinkle cookie,
then drizzled in chocolate!

Chocolate Chestnut Balls--- $12.00 per dozen.
Chocolate & chestnuts rolled in cocoa powder.
Lavender Sweet Treat ---$12.00 per dozen. 
Lavender & almond paste rolled in
spices, sugar & lemon zest!
Spiced Ginger Snaps-- $4.50 per dozen. 
(5 dozen - $20.00) 
Clothespin-  $12.00 per dozen.
Filled & delicious!  (my homemade dough!)
Fruit & Nut Bon-Bon--- $12.00 per dozen.
Fruits-nuts -coconut in a bite size fruity ball.
Peanut Butter Buckeye-- $9.50 per dozen.
Dunked in Chocolate!
Choco-cookie Buckeye--- $9.50 per dozen.
Dunked in Chocolate!
Sunflower seed Buckeye---$12.00 per dozen.
Dunked in Chocolate!
Almond butter Buckeye--- $12.00 per dozen.
Dunked in Chocolate!
Hazelnut Buckeye--- $12.00 per dozen.
Dunked in Chocolate!
Pecan Crème Tarts--- $12.00 per dozen.
Pecan Crème tarts, an unusual recipe & not too sweet. 
Nut Shugas-- $12.00 per dozen.
Poppy Seed Shugas-- $12.00 per dozen. 
Gingy-Men-- $12.00 per dozen.
Variety of cute Gingerbread-Men.
Kolacky- $12.00 per dozen.
Raspberry, Apricot or various fillings can be made.
White Truffles- $12.00 per dozen.
White creme center dunked in white chocolate.

Italian Anisette - $8.50 per dozen.
A Christmas favorite for all!
Chocolate Boxes--- $7.50 per dozen.
White chocolate drizzled.
Lemon Drops---$7.50 per dozen.
Powdered sugar. 
Coconut Drops--- $7.50 per dozen.
Coconut cookie.
Snowballs, or Russian Tea Cakes---
$8.50 per dozen. Crispy & sweet! 
Lemon Snowballs---
$8.50 per dozen. Lemony & sweet! 
Peanut-butter drop— $8.50 per dozen.
Peanut butter cookie , drop of chocolate in the middle. 
Kaleidoscope Cookies --- $8.50 per dozen.
Colors swirled together in a butter cookie. 
Angel Pillows--- $8.50 per dozen.
Cinnamon/apricot cookie -iced and sugar topped.
Thumbprints or Jelly Jewels---$8.50 per dozen.
Jelly topped cookies! 
Lemon Shortbread ---$8.50 per dozen.
Lemon Zest plays a part in a good cookie!
Peppermint Shortbread ---$8.50 per dozen.
Refreshing flavor!
Chai Shortbread ---$8.50 per dozen.
The spices of India compliment this cookie! 
Pistachio Shortbread ---$8.50 per dozen.
Yummy pistachios & a crisp cookie! 
Chocolate chip Shortbread---$8.50 per dozen.
This combination is unforgettable!
Chocolate Krinkles-$8.50 per dozen.
Rich chocolate cookie rolled in powdered sugar.
Jo-Java Chocolate Mocha- $9.50 per dozen.
Coffee cookie with the bottom dunked in chocolate & drizzled.
Jo-Java Vanilla Latte- $9.50 per dozen.
Coffee cookie with the bottom dunked in white chocolate & drizzled. 
Cappuccino triangles--- $9.50 per dozen. 
A chocolate/coffee icing swirled on a chocolate brownie.
Peppermint triangles--- $9.50 per dozen.
White-peppermint icing swirled on a chocolate brownie!
Ginger Cheweez---$9.50 per dozen.
This cookie is so good the elves ate more than we sold!
Ginger Krinkles-- $9.50 per dozen.
Spicy, crackled cookies!
Double Chocolate Drops-- $9.50 per dozen.
Chocolate krinkles with a chocolate center.
Chocolate Coconut Delight- $9.50 per dozen.
My mom made these every Christmas!
Pretzel stick- $9.50 per dozen.
Chocolate covered and decorated for Christmas!

All of the Christmas & specialty cookies or treats have that same great Food Energetic combinations!


Our elves were busy baking & creating new cookies this year, but they cannot take full credit. 
Our full staff of snowmen, penguins, gingy-people, & peppermint smiles help allot. 
(The penguins keep insisting on sardine bon-bons,,, no---not yet folks!)

Lollipop-Cookies---Cut-out cookies are made into a lollipop-style on a stick. The back is coated with milk chocolate and the front is decorated seasonally or to suit the party needs!  $4.00 each --minimum 6 ($4.75 each with chocolate butterflies)


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