Hildegard teaches the close link of mankind, nature and the universe. Various foods are grown seasonally and harvested seasonally. They grow on the earth within nature in the manner to feed us at a particular time. They compensate for the disequilibrium generated within the body before, during and after the weather changes seasons. The delicate balances of life forces are threatened and tampered with by genetically modified, or GM, foods that are serviced without proper growth or harvest times. The asymmetric look and balance of the food is now viewed as symmetric perfection or one dare not eat of it! This is the reason why various foods within a season are to be consumed at that particular time period. The time frame of seasonal foods can also regulate the physical bodies functions in disease and patterns of health. Hildegard writes that spelt can be consumed all year, as well as the discovery of the healing power from coconut oil and products.

 Hildegard states in her writings: 
Unless God does not want one to become better, he will not and die, 
this is God’s will to make one recover and heal. 
Hildegard recommends a spelt breakfast consisting of spelt coffee, 
spelt ‘porridge’ or we have a variety of spelt products to suit your spelt needs. 

Hildegard Canonization- 2012

On October 7, 2012 The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, appointed Hildegard of Bingen as a Doctor of the Church, and thus far, there are 33 Doctors of the Catholic Church, and three of them are women. They are St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Catherine of Sienna- and now St. Hildegard von Bingen. Pope Benedict mentioned that the Lord granted Hildegard a prophetic spirit and fervent capacity to discern the signs of the times, while being learned in medicine, poetry and music she offered her precious contribution to the growth of the Church of her time. Re-discovering the healing methods she left us is recognizing Hildegard today as she was over 850 years ago.Karan Schneider, founder of BABS Bakery, is blessed to be able to create & bake foods according to these types of standards using Food Energetics. Unknowingly to Karan, it was pointed out to her by other professors of Hildegard studies, that she began the bakery dedicated to Hildegard at the same age that Hildegard began her public works. A synchronicity was recognized as more was discussed. Karan dedicated it to Hildegard for the medicinal works and Food Energetics she learned, that also coincided with Ayurveda and Chinese systems, as Hildegard is also considered the first doctor in Germany. Among her many talents as a nun she was also a philosopher, artist, writer, physicist, medicine and visionary. Many of Hildegard’s teaching are now formally proven to be true, as her medical works within the Hildegard clinic in Germany. Karan’s cancer was healed through Hildegard’s system.
In September 2010, The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, extolled Hildegard of Bingen (1098- 1179) a twelfth century mystic, an example to women who exercise true spiritual gifts as a precious role to all women in the richness of their teachings. He mentioned that the manner in which she exercised the ministry of authority remains an example for all religious communities, as she aroused saintly emulation in the practice of good works. The Pope concluded that the individual possessing supernatural gifts never boasts of them, shows off and demonstrates obedience to ecclesiastical authority. Thus, in her time, Hildegard’s spiritual prestige grew to the point that her contemporaries gave her the title of the “Teutonic Prophetess.” 


Spelt is not wheat!
Spelt is considered to be the tastiest of grains known to mankind. This grain has been used throughout history, even to train the Gladiators. Spelt is economically the ideal grain since it is not a hybrid like wheat. It requires minimal care when growing including no fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. The spelt kernel is surrounded by a strong husk or hull that is a protective covering for the kernel. This covering guards the spelt kernel from pollutants and radioactive fallout, while making a good storage for the grain. This husk or hull is removed before consumption of the spelt kernel.
Once the husk or hull is removed the kernel is ground into flour of grain or white spelt. The white spelt flour has the nutritional quality of whole wheat breads, unlike white wheat flour, which is dead flour in this value. The vital substance in wheat is found in the shell and germ bud, and these are removed in the milling process. Contrast to wheat the vital substances of spelt are found within the inner kernel of the grain.

Hildegard writes that a spelt diet is the most important diet for the very ill, very young, very old, and those who suffer malnutrition, loss of appetite and any exhaustion. The modern diet disrupting the intestinal system makes for an even more difficult recovery for the mentioned situations.
Increasing scientific evidence has linked diet, eating patterns and life style to regulate health.  Hildegard’s information on spelt was written over 850 years ago in regards to health and healing. Clinical experience with Dr Wighard Strehlow over the past 40 years shows 80% of all healing successes are related to a spelt diet.
Digestive disorders have direct relationships between diet and mental health. Good digestion is the beginning to a good disposition. This results in a good day/ bad day disposition. Emotions on a bad day can zap vital energy you need to keep going. The negative energy and emotions are dismissed more easily when the digestive system is flooded with positive working energy. This plays a decisive role in a good day/bad day as well as everyday life situations.

Spelt completely warms the body with a heat wave starting in the stomach to the intestines. Spelt accomplishes many things at once that other grains cannot do alone. Hildegard recommends a spelt diet as she writes, “Spelt is better than any other food.”
Case reports in the Hildegard practice in Constance, Germany (Konstanz, West Germany, since 1984 beginning with Dr Gottfried Hertzka and his successor being Dr. Wighard Strehlow) are written of, as well as analysis, trace analysis, and clinical evidence are found in the booklet, The Wonder Food Spelt by Dr. Wighard Strehlow. This booklet gives details: Content of protein, amino acids, immune system stimulating properties, the special carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides and much more to understand the value of spelt so highly regarded by Hildegard and throughout history. Included is a simple Hildegard diet and characteristics of the fundamental select grain in simple recipes. 

Dr. Strehlow has a new book out called “Spelt- the superfood” which mentions BABS Bakery.
Karan’s FOOD ENERGETIC CD’s explain this and more! 

coconut with flakes 2.jpg




The following information is referenced from the books: Coconut Cures,
and Cooking with Coconut Flour, by Bruce Fife, N.D. 
Please read the whole book and full descriptions for a wonderful learning experience.

The value of coconut products came to BABS Bakery as the most interesting and outstanding reading did from the hidden benefits of spelt. The bakery has not included the complete details or nearly all of the clinical research that has been done, but this is a short explanation. Written in the above referenced books, the heart healthy, blood sugar and diabetes results were included in the coconut research, as well as in the spelt research. This will serve to inform you of the values of food which BABS Bakery focuses on, in conjunction with the internal health value that the coconut products offer. 
Treating disease and illness symptomatically can fail and eventually the ‘return to nature’ calls and becomes the new mini series on the t-v screen of your body. It is a ‘live’ mini series to assist in the ailments you occur in life. The opening show to the series is called ‘A Return to Nature’ that allows for a written script of coconut oil and coconut products to be featured.

Dr. Fife’s extensive research is now available within his books to continue this mini series of knowledge. He refers to the coconut as the ‘Fruit of Life.’ The coconut is listed botanically as a seed, not a nut. Unlike most fruit bearing plants and trees, the coconut palm tree produces year ‘round, moreover nature is telling us it is always in season. Dr. Fife writes about a man named Paul Sorse who for over 50 years healed through the use of coconut oil. 
A mistake was made when stories claiming coconut oil to be harmful were released. The coconut oil ‘scare’ is more like a Halloween costume. It was put on as a misconception, but now the mask and costume have been taken off. Research, as with Dr. Fife’s, clarifies the confusion about the health aspects of coconut oil and coconut products.
Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides or MCT’s, which are fats that are processed differently than long-chain triglycerides or LCT’s. MTC’s are easily digested and tend to improve the absorption of other nutrients taken into the body. This encourages the good bacteria, microflora, to flourish. When the good bacteria are present they happily dominate your digestive tract. But if harmful bacteria and microflora damage the intestinal wall, this allows for toxic byproducts to be absorbed into the bloodstream, which is then sent through the body. This leads to food allergies, health problems, including, but not limited to, depression.

Coconut fiber, which is found in the coconut flour, protects the colon by increasing the elimination of toxins such as, carcinogenic substances, hormones and other cancers, to move quickly out of the body. This does not give them the chance to irritate the tissues and promote cancer etc… In turn healthy intestines allow for a higher absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals you consume.
Coconut flour is a delicious alternative to any wheat, good source of protein, low in digestible carbohydrate and is gluten free, for those who suffer from celiac disease. It contains about as much protein as whole-wheat flour.

“Coconut oil is truly one of nature’s super foods. It possesses antimicrobial properties that protect against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. It helps balance blood sugar and improves circulation, thus providing protection against diabetes. It has anticancer properties, heals the intestinal tract, increases metabolism and boosts energy. And is heart healthy. It protects the heart and arteries from damage that leads to atherosclerosis and heart disease. It is for these reasons that many Asian/Pacific populations who consume coconut oil as their primary source of dietary fat have a very low incidence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other degenerative conditions.” Dr. Bruce Fife

“I love foods that taste good and are good for you. Your spelt and coconut flour cookies fit this description."
Best wishes,

Dr. Bruce Fife
Coconut Research Center


Articles below are:
*Hildegard of Bingen by Bruce Hozeski, 
*Hildegard’s Minerology by Karan Schneider

*Frankenwheat, a scientifically engineered food product versus Spelt by Wighard Strehlow

                          Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), the first German mystic, wrote profusely as a prophet, poet, dramatist, musician, physician, and political moralist.  She was an extraordinary woman who exerted a tremendous temporal and spiritual influence on her time and who has been rediscovered today.  

Hildegard was born in 1098 in Bockelheim, the diocese of Mainz, on the Nahe river.  Her father, Hildebert, was a knight in the service of Count Meginhard of Spanheim.  At six, she began to have religious visions that continued the rest of her life.  At eight, she was entrusted to the care of Jutta, sister of Count Meginhard.  The two lived in a small cottage adjoining the church abbey at Disibodenberg.  A sickly child, Hildegard continued her education under Jutta, learning to read and sing Latin.  At fifteen, she was clothed in the habit of a nun in Jutta’s hermitage, a community following the Rule of St. Benedict.  At thirty-eight, Hildegard became the abbess of the community. 

Eventually, the archbishop of Mainz examined her visions with his theologians and ruled them divinely inspired, ordering Hildegard to record them in writing.  From 1141 until 1151, she worked on her principal work, Scivias (May You Know, or Know the Ways).  In 1147, Pope Eugenius III and his commission examined her visions and also authorized her to write whatever the Holy Spirit inspired her to write.  Her growing fame then caused Hildegard to transfer her convent from Disibodenberg to Rupertsberg, near Bingen between 1147 and 1150.  She continued living here until her death on 17 September 1179.  She was buried in her convent church, where her relics remained until 1632, when the convent was destroyed by the Swedes and her relics moved to Eibingen.

A woman of an extraordinarily energetic and independent mind, Hildegard wrote voluminously.  Scivias, the first of her three mystical works, develops her view on the universe, on the theory of macrocosm and microcosm, the structure of humans, birth, death, and the nature of the soul.  It also treats the relations between God and humans in creation, the Redemption, and the Church.  The last of the twenty-six vision of Scivias contains Ordo Virtutum, the earliest liturgical-morality play. 

Liber Vitae Meritorum (The Book of the Rewards of Life), 1158-1163, studies the weaknesses separating us from God.  It is one of the most subtle, psychologically fascinating, and intense works ever written on the relationship of various sins to their corresponding virtues. 
Liber Divinorum Operum Simplicis Hominis (The Book of the Divine Works of a Simple Man), the third of Hildegard’s mystical books, 1163-1173, concerns itself with the unity of creation.  Hildegard succeeds in synthesizing into one great whole her theological beliefs along with her knowledge of the elements of the university and the structures within the human body.  This work is often considered the epitome of science of her time. 

Besides her three mystical books, Hildegard wrote a long physical treatise entitled Physica: Subtilitatum Diversarum Naturarum Creaturarum (Physical Things: Of the Simplicities of Various Natural Creatures) and her book of medicine entitled Causae et Curae (Causes and Cures).  Although her theoretical knowledge of medicine seems crude today, large numbers of sick and suffering persons were brought to her for cures.  A thriving clinic in Konstanz, Germany, practices Hildegard’s remedies today. 
In addition, Hildegard wrote Vita Sancti Disibodi (The Life of Saint Disibod) and Vita Sancti Ruperti (The Life of Saint Rupert).  Her Solutiones Triginta Octo Quaestionum(Answers to Thirty-eight Questions) comments on various theological and scriptural subjects. Her Explanatio Symboli Athanasii (Explanation of the Symbol of Saint Athanasius) andExplanatio Regulae Sancti Benedicti (Explanation of the Rule of Saint Benedict), written at the request of the Benedictine monastery of Huy in Belgium, are self explanatory.  

For the nuns of her convent, Hildegard wrote hymns and canticles—both words and music.  She collected her songs into a cycle entitled Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum (The Symphony of the Harmony of Heavenly Revelations).  These approximately seventy songs were written for a wide range of liturgical celebrations. 

Finally, Hildegard wrote letters to popes, cardinals, bishops, abbots, kings and emperors, monks and nuns, men and women of various social levels both in Germany and abroad.  Some of her letters are more personal, but the majority are mystical treatises, prophecies, sermons, and very strong exhortations concerning various corruptions.  Hildegard’s clear intelligence foresaw that the ecclesiastical and political abuses of her time would ultimately burst into flames in some event such as the eventual Reformation or the Thirty Years’ War.  Hildegard represented a legacy to her own times, and now has been rediscovered in ours. 
Bruce W. Hozeski
Ball State University
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Hildegard and Mineralogy

Ancient Healing with Gems & Crystals  
by-Karan Schneider

Hildegard the Mineralogist was lesser known for the aspect of gems and crystals that interest many people today toward a modality to heal the vibrational structure surrounding the physical body called subtle anatomies. In healing the vibrations within the multi-dimensional structure it also eases the disturbances within the soul and the physical body as it repairs diseases and illnesses. It is not surprising her interest and enduring healing qualities she bestowed in her writings are now credited with the scientific community in raising awareness to the properties of the phenomena gems & crystals contain.
Various vibrational modalities target specific approaches in their unique manner in which a result is achieved. The technique used remains a valuable “tool” in an important role to preserve the ancient processes for healing in God’s value in which the modality offers without enticing any vices or inviting other realms of demonic entities.

Mankind is already plagued with negative forces without adding a potential to do further harm to the soul’s peace that one is striving for when healing. A consistent balance restores and maintains peace within the soul. This peace is what gives value to the healer and the one healing through compassion and forgiveness bringing about ‘self-induced’ peace.
Gems & Crystals foster “feelings” to actualize thoughts and emotions. It is actually a hypnotic process to heal at any level, as I explain throughout my book, in this particular approach to the vibrational effect from the Mineral Kingdom I am discussing. Therefore, this approach was first bestowed to mankind when God created Adam and gave him the breath of life. God then had Adam fall into a sleep to create Eve. The beauty in the creation of everything to heal mankind comes from the ancient fundamental breath of life that leads to and waking & sleeping, day & night, and light & dark.

The value with opposites came about at the fall of Lucifer and his once glorified angels that became demons. At this point the downfall of mankind has been structured through greed, control and manipulations due to negative forces. These negative forces foster negative disturbances in mankind’s soul to any healing approach, especially one with the value that the Mineral Kingdom holds.
When this approach is used in healing the medical qualities that gems and minerals possess enhance all energy channels, as in the manner that food energetics comply within Eating Patterns, thus carrying a Genetic Energy quality from the time they were formed and mankind used them.

It can only be assumed as to where Hildegard got her minerals from, since the most commonly found in that area were jasper, quartz, amethyst and the highly prized agate. Often agate was thought to have magical properties since it contained a core that resembled an eye. It brought considerable prosperity to the area in the late middle ages. Other stones would have been available within a short distance, yet the more precious stones were obviously not local and possibly presented to her from travelers. Gem & Crystal Therapies are a most pleasurable experience in giving attribute to the medical value in creating wellness from specific ailments, while feeling as though they have the authority to heal.
In Hildegard’s writings she describes the useful effects in the manner that the vices and virtues engage with mankind. She writes that precious stones are born of fire and water and contain many powers, but for only good and honest deeds. God adorned the angels in precious stones as their brilliance was seen within the mirror of Divinity. Lucifer took the knowledge from them and recognized that God wished to do many wonderful things and became exalted with arrogant pride, since the beauty, which also covered him in these stones, was shining within God who created them. His pride exceeded the humble powers of the minerals and gems, thus allowing his free will to be tempted to want do deeds equal and greater than God and eventually with mankind.  She continues to write that after Lucifer’s fall God restored Adam to a better part. God also sent neither the beauty nor power to the precious stones of earth, but willed that they would be held in honor and bless the earth to be used for medicine.

Quoting Hildegard on her use of Jacinth (zircon): “If anyone is bewitched by phantoms or magical spells, so that he has lost his wits, take a hot leaf of pure wheaten bread and cut he upper crust in the form of a cross, --not, however, quite cutting it quite through- then pass the stone along the cutting, reciting these words: “May God, who cast away all precious stones from the evil…cast away from thee all phantoms and all magic spells, and free thee from the pain of madness.”

Quoting Hildegard on her use of on the Diamond: “It had the greatest virtue because it resisted the devil’s power by day and by night.”

Minerals attributed to Hildegard’s Collection
1. Smarragd:  chromian beryl (emerald)
2. Hyazinth or hyacinth: a group name for the numerous semi-precious stones, primarily garnet (grossular, almandine, zircon, hessonite) but also includes quartz, vesuvianite, corundum (sapphire) and spinel.
3. Onyx:  calcite, most commonly describes “marble calcite” used for carving
4. Beryl:  a group name for emerald (green), aquamarine (blue), and heliodor (yellow)
5. Sardonyx:  quartz, specifically agate or chalcedony
6. Saphir: sapphire (blue) corundum
7. Sarder: quartz
8. Topas: topaz
9. Chrysolith: forsterite (peridot)
10. Jaspis: jasper, red quartz
11. Prasem: chalcedony quartz
12. Chalcedon: chalcedony quartz
13. Chrysopras: chrysoprase (or chrysophrase), green gemstone variety of chalcedony quartz
14. Rubin: ruby (red) corundum)
15. Amethyst: purple gemstone quartz
16. Achat:  agate quartz
17. Diamant: diamond
18. Magnetit: magnetite
19. Bernstein: amber
20. Bergkristall: quartz crystal
21. Perlen: pearl
22. Perlen: probably perlmutt (mother-of-pearl shell)
23. Carneol: chalcedony quartz
24. Kalk: calcite
Hildegard describes how metals were formed in that the Spirit of the Lord made the waters and thus the waters strengthened the earth and the fiery waters transformed the earth into gold, while the pure water suffused into silver and the fluctuation of water penetrated by the air changed the earth to become steel and iron. She gives detailed explanations on how each one was formed along with the healings and when to heed the nature of the poison some can transfer.

Mineralogy & Healing
by Karan Schneider
Quoting Hildegard: “All things that stand in God’s order correspond with one another. The stars sparkle from the light of the moon, and the moon shines from the fire of the sun. Everything serves a higher purpose, and nothing exceeds its measure.”

Facing the east I watch the sun rise; facing the west I watch the sun set. My attention to the east allows me to watch the moon rise with all of the stars shining like precious gemstones, one by one talking to the earth as they begin to form their own structure in the opposition of what I watch occur in the daylight. What is in the space in between me and the sky? Is the space between you and I empty? Really empty?
What about the space between the sun and moon? Day and night? Does “something” go on in the space that seems empty? Or do you only perceive it to be empty?
This space is actually a matrix of wonders that holds a phenomena of photons belonging and relating to the four basic elements (humors) of fire, water, air & earth. The four basic elements are oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon.
Just because you cannot “see” these elements it does not mean that they do not exist. Likewise with an empty space or a seemingly full space forming “something” and creating a visual perception. These elements are even within the finest space forming “something” every moment within the movement of energy. This particular “something” is known as minerals, as in gem and crystals. Something is always within a space, even when nothing seems to exist.
For example the meridians, as in acupuncture, are actually subtle energy channels for energy to pass through the physical body that run along the nervous system. Gemstones influence a person with a heightened quality upon the skin’s surface by stimulating the subtle anatomies through these meridians. Something is there, but it does not seem to exist.  Scientists today cannot find the existence of these subtle energy channels, yet cannot deny the healing power of them in acupuncture. In addition, the power of the mind in hypnosis has the similar phenomena to scientists.

Russian scientist, Vladimir Poponin, did an intuitive experiment with what seemed to be an empty space with a non-existence and here is what he found. He basically took a glass tube and vacuumed out all of the air, yet the photons (which are units of light and can be measured) remained in the tube randomly scattered. The next time he did this experiment he inserted human DNA and did the same thing, but this time “something” amazing happened. The photons aligned with human DNA. “Something” even more amazing happened when he took out the DNA as the photons remained aligned as if the DNA were still in the glass tube. This experiment suggests that mankind has a direct relation to light and the elements.
Elements, when combined, in any process form compounds and these are in relation to heal the subtle anatomies as well as the physical body. Gems & Crystals are energy forms that are the most powerful, since they work on a vibrational and physical level at the same time, unlike flower essences only working with the subtle anatomy first.
Therefore, human DNA “feels” the vibrational field and the physical field at the cellular level to heal. While gems do have a direct influence on the physical body, this main course of action is impacted on the energy-life-force itself or subtle bodies. Mankind cannot direct them to one particular biological humor, as we are made of all the basic elements. Ayurvedic medicine consists of three elements (humors) and Oriental medicine consists of five elements, while Hildegard has four elements (humors). They all correspond and balance the intrinsic elements/humors within mankind.

On Hildegard’s medicine-- directly quoted from my book
“According to Hildegard, black bile is associated with earth as the cold-and-dry elements produce a melancholic or depressive temperament; while blood is the humor associated with air and the hot-and-moist elements that result in the happy or sanguine. Yellow bile is associated with fire and hot-and-dry elements resulting in a choleric or an unforgiving temperament; phlegm associated with water and the cold-and-moist elements result in a sluggish response or phlegmatic, and all are related to the physical body. Mankind’s deeds interact with the elements and have a direct effect on matter produced within the elements, thus having a direct effect on mankind. Respecting the elements has a variable factor to the contribution of the level and motion that directs energy.”
By setting the gemstones in metal we create a vehicle in a direct balance for the humoral action. Traditional uses and healings have been successfully used for thousands of years, yet incorporating simple new techniques as with visualization/sound and hypnosis enhances the traditional use and does not alter the regulated healing therapy as in many New Age or trendy influences do.
A well-integrated use of gems and mineralogy must be considered before a pattern of vibrational and physical levels are combined and determine the level of healing therapy necessary. In addition, validated systems are a basis for current therapy to influence the main action for a Spiritual Remedy within the patterns of the Mineral Kingdom.
Our blood holds energy patterns, fields and recently discovered by scientists a bio-crystalline system. This delicate system was also found within the pineal gland and actually resembled a tiny structure as in crystal formations. Without powerful life-giving energy our blood would only be an inert fluid with the property that still water holds. The breath, which is the element air, holds this life-force as well as feeding the physical blood nourishment, as does the energy from minerals, herbs and food. Air is what gives a certain quality to these life-giving nourishments, as well as what forms them.

Replenishing vital energy patterns in vibrational fields first is what makes Gem and Crystal healings the highest rate for the subtle and physical anatomy. Not only do they absorb, transform, transmit and store energy, but saturate the vibrational fields according to the precise solar/lunar structure in which they were formed. This reasons why such a matrix for DNA, photons and elements cannot be duplicated in a lab or in the form of a pill from a pharmacy to heal with a natural accordance in which they were created.
Exactly how gem elixirs and their vibrational properties work within the vital-life-force to assist in healing and conquering disease is a complex process. In time the ‘new physics’ will assist in understanding this harmonious relationship between mankind and the Mineral Kingdom on how these remedies work. Magnetobiology and biomagnetism offer a theoretical explanation on how vibrational remedies work. (magnetobiology is the study of the effect of magnetic fields upon biological systems, and biomagnetism is the study of magnetic fields emanating from biological systems.)
A cell is an open system and must exchange matter. It needs to regulate and define structures to maintain available energy. Vibrational remedies change the conditions of each cell and then are capable of transmuting into a biological response. In order to energize and organize a biological system the environmental conditions must also change, thus Eating Patterns and Lifestyle changes are included.

How Vibrational Remedies Work
A specific path through the physical and subtle bodies assimilate the ingested vibration and settle midway between the circulatory system and nervous system. An electromagnetic current creates a polarity of these two systems. Life-force works through the blood and consciousness works through the brain and nervous system, while both systems contain quartz/crystalline properties and electromagnetic currents. Blood cells contain more quartz/crystalline properties while the nervous system has more electromagnetic currents. The properties of life-force and consciousness enter and stimulate the physical body, via a path.

The Path of Life
The crystalline properties within the aura stabilize the fields of energy. The central point of consciousness for the crystalline properties are often located in glands. This field is a matrix of energy beyond a capacity of biological, yet fits in the natural laws and mechanics of physics.
The path is determined by a person’s individual constitution, (as in Ayurvedic medicine, Oriental medicine, and Hildegard’s medicine), in which an elemental value is established to which each specific humor corresponds more with the physical body. From a meridian standpoint the remedies life-force enters the various subtle bodies, or charkas, and returns directly to the physical body. Within the physical body it returns to the cellular level through different portals about midway between the circulatory and nervous systems. The three main portals are etheric body & fluidium, energy channels or charkas, and the skin with the silica or crystalline properties, since the hair is a carrier of the life-force and not an actual portal. An example is: The pineal gland is in direct association with the crown chakra and would gravitate toward one portal, yet allow for others. Vibrational remedies with crystalline properties gravitate towards the skin. The entire process is instantaneously, yet can take a while to experience the result. Likewise, in this explanation when one is punched in the face, it may take days to completely feel the swelling or soreness.
This process also includes a triangular basis allowing for interlinking of individual molecules of differing elements for a self-perpetuation basis, since molecules are often based on principles of a triangular structure in which is a part of the formulation within crystalline structures. Basically, individual cells have a similar pattern.
Crystals have changed the development of the world since the beginning of time, and is being recognized once again as to the ability of their powers. A few are computer technology, and laser application, and transmitting large quantities of information over long-distances via fiber optics. Crystal bioenergy establishes a natural bio-crystalline energy and can remove pain and suffering from nerves, muscles, and bones as it balances and cleanses the body and its organs. Likewise gemstones collect energy and focus energy to regenerate and empower the autonomic nervous system, while assisting in regulating hormones associated with other glands. The brain has been observed in the electroencephalogram (EEG), which has recorded the influence of many findings, including Hildegard’s GOLDEN TOPAZ PRAYER, as her crystal therapies are an effective energetic medicine to bring the body and soul into an equilibrium.

The knowledge of the Mineral Kingdom can now determine how they are formed, yet about one-thousand years ago Hildegard von Bingen described this process on many mineral formations in her writings. Scientists now know the orderly arrangement of atoms that are responsible for distinctive properties, such as hardness and cleavage. The fundamental relationship of the element carbon occurs in several minerals including the diamond and graphite and they possess two identical chemical compositions, yet opposite ends of the hardness scale and show a number of other contrasting properties. Hildegard’s writings reveal that these types of formations relate to the four elements and direct relation to the sun and moon’s energy, as they possess intrinsic properties while they are forming to heal mankind.
Now proven scientifically, the ancient healing systems such as Hildegard’s, mineralogy provides a pattern for natural healing. For too long of a time gemstones have been regulated to the role of magic and superstition, while the time is now to once again unfold ancient knowledge and appreciate the role of these majestic treasures stored in the Mineral Kingdom. This kingdom is actually a domain direct from heaven to the earth possessing all its own healing properties. There is no magic or superstition in healing, only emotional relief, mental clarity and a physical body returning to a normal balance holding a spirit of faith in the elements in which these gems and crystals were formed by God for the angels and then bestowed on mankind.

Special thanks to Frances Flynn, and her husband Trafford Flynn for their translation from the book Hildegard von Bingen: Das buch von den Steinen, published the Kristallmuseum, Riedenburg, Germany 1995.


Frankenwheat, a scientifically engineered food product versus Spelt
By- Dr. Wighard Strehlow (Dr. Wighard Strehlow has given BABS Bakery permission to post this article on Frankenwheat)
Wheat is not the ancient, healthy wheat of Hildegard‘s time, instead today’s crop is totally different than it was even 50 years ago. Since then, wheat has been a victim of more than a thousand hybridizations, chemical changes, gamma ray bombardments and genetic manipulations of its’ DNA. This produced the modern high-yield, dwarfedFrankenwheat with many harmful proteins that cause the world’s worst health problems and destruction to the human body.
By 1985, virtually all wheat in the US and all over the world has been replaced by this new scientific monster, which leads to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the whole body, heartburn, acid reflux and painful gastrointestinal diseases like gastritis, colitis, Crohn‘s and celiac disease. The wheat germ agglutinins (super-binding proteins) destroy the lining of the intestines leading to leaky gut syndrome the cause of all autoimmune diseases from heart attack to cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. This auto-aggression creates inflammation in all other organs and body cells from head to toe. This modern manipulation of wheat introduced the new gliadins into the grain, which open the opiate receptors in the brain, stimulating a constant appetite leading to severe obesity. A recent study by the Mayo clinic documents severe dementia as a direct result from our modern wheat. MRI studies evidence wide-spread brain damage and a negative impact on the nervous system.
Dr. Joseph A. Murray and his team discovered in another cohort study from the Mayo Clinic with young healthy men from the Air Force, that the prevalence of undiagnosed autoimmune celiac disease has dramatically increased more than 4-fold in the US during the past 50 years. The study is consisted with a recent study in Europe, most likely as a result of the change of wheat genetics, bread processing, and enzymatic modification of industry food processing in the past 40 years.
Finally, a study from the University of Hohenheim, Germany published during the “Spelt symposium“ of 1992 demonstrated that the modern “dwarfed” wheat grows so close to the earth that fungi can contaminate the naked grain producing the world’s most poisonous aflatoxins which destroy fertility. Spelt in comparison, grows 5 feet away from the ground, is protected by its’ husks and free of aflatoxins.
Norman Borlaug, the father of the little devil Frankenwheat received the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to save over a billion people from starvation... 50 years later hunger is still prevalent, but this GMO wheat leaves the people fat, sick or dement.

What can we do?
The visionary power of Hildegard’s teaching was revealed to the world 850 years ago when she wrote: “Spelt is the optimal grain.“  The pope Benedikt XVI. appointed on October 7th 2012 St. Hildegard as the teacher of the universal church. Between Dr. Gottfried Hertzka MD and myself, we accumulated 80 years of practical experience using spelt as a remedy and have seen evidence that spelt can heal and prevent the above described diseases. Just exchange modern wheat with spelt in all your recipes. Spelt is a tasty substitute for wheat in all baking and cooking recipes for spelt breads, cakes, pizzas, pancakes, pasta, cereal etc. With spelt, the shift away from wheat is easily implemented in the kitchen, unlike with some other gluten-free products.
Unlike Frankenwheat, the ancient DNA of spelt has remained unchanged and was never hybridized with wheat for the last 5000 years. Spelt is a universal remedy that prevents the aforementioned diseases, protects your health, increases energy, improves mood and leads to stronger bones and joints and a happier disposition of body and soul.

"And by the torrent on the banks thereof on both sides shall grow all trees that bear fruit: their leaf shall not fall off, and their fruit shall not fail: every month shall they bring forth firstfruits, because the waters thereof shall issue out of the sanctuary: and the fruits thereof shall be for food, and the leaves thereof for medicine.” (Ezechial 47:12)

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