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Welcome Home to a bakery that utilized the principles of FOOD ENERGETICS from Ayurveda, Chinese and Hildegard von Bingen Systems. Food is a creative energy that nourishes the body. Once the simplicity in the elements of earth, fire, water, and air are transformed from food into pure consciousness, then a deeper insight to other foods, herbs and spices become a reality. Soon obstacles are removed and a new perception to eating shows how cooking and baking becomes very auspicious work fulfilling a better outlook in life.  

Your orders are welcome from around the world!  
Suggestions for bakery products:
Eat right away, freeze, or store in refrigerator.
Not to microwave to bake or reheat & microwaves are not used in BABS Bakery.
The Hint Sheet is at the bottom of this page.
Most everything is formulated to be frozen up to 2-3 months. Nature’s energetic food combination allows for this recommendation. Can reheat at 300o to 350o – Please use safety when reheating!
Bakery products have been tested since 2004.
Check all ingredients before eating, even with a doctor for some ingredients, as spices, any plant food, or herb can cause an allergic reaction in some people, or interact with medications.
Gelatin some animal based products are used, please ask. For example : Marshmallow.
Prices subject to change due to the availability and cost of products.
BABS Bakery product and formulas are copyrighted. © 2005 babsbakery.

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*Grains can tend to dry out sooner especially without preservatives, but are not considered stale. One suggestion is to put a piece of bread with the cookies in a container and they will moisten. *ALL Hildy Snack Cookies (Nerve Cookies) need to be stored in an airtight container or zip-lock bags, since they will absorb humidity and moisture. Can be stored in the freezer.
*St. Anthony’s Bread can dry out sooner than other breads, even if stored in refrigerator or freezer. It still makes good toast, great grilled cheese sandwiches or texas-toast.
*Cakes: Keep in a cool place, too much heat may melt the icing.
*Icing: Vanilla Buttercream is off white in color because of natural ingredients, store in refrigerator until ready to use, and can add very little water if too thick to spread. *Veg-Icing is a white icing. Chocolate Ganache is a rich coating on bakery items. Chocolate Ganache icing is a whipped version of the Choco-ganache, smooth & chocolaty. Fudge Filling is the ultimate in rich, yet not sickening in taste. Cream Cheez icing needs refrigerated.
*Glazes: (Thick and easy to spread for brownies and cookies) Varieties: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Mocha-Coco, Almond. You may add very small amounts of liquid to thin them and drizzle onto cookies, cakes, ice cream, BABS Pretty Pound Cakes, etc. Creamy Glaze, Spreadable fondant glaze, Chocolate glaze, or varied flavors, such as lemon & orange are available.
*Cream Pastry Fillings: Vanilla, chocolate, Orange, Lemon, Coconut, needs refrigeration in any product ordered.
*Whipped Cream or Cocoa Fluff: requires refrigeration.
*BABS Natural Fudge Topping: Dark chocolate is especially good when warmed a little bit on the stove top and poured over cookies, cakes, BABS Pretty Pound cakes and ice cream. 
*Hildy’s Cheesecake Crust is a fabulous way to replace the common graham cracker crust made from Hildy Snack ingredients! Store in refrigerator or freezer and delicious sprinkled on ice cream.

**Bakery Consultation: 
BABS Bakery offers consultations at your facility to enhance your regular bakery products for Food Energetic quality.
Please email:
*This is a scratch bakery. In being a scratch bakery all baked goods are hand made and not from a pre-packaged mix, like most “so-called-scratch bakeries” use brownie & cake mixes from major companies and egg mixes, instead of ‘real’ eggs. Most grocery store bakeries do not mix, drop, or bake, but order in frozen cakes and products, such as doughnuts with many extra additives. Thus, some of our products may have an asymmetrical look, but the quality is still there. This means the shapes may vary, such as with the Hildegard cookies. We strive in uniformity and for quality in our everyday baked goods, but not for the genetically modified (GM) look of so-called- perfection. Nor the so-called-perfected look of what you find in a cereal box and how mass media presents products. Each individual who makes these products has an asymmetrical quality, since no human being is completely symmetrical. As a result, we attain standards of presentation & quality of product in eating and decorating.   

**Edible, with non-edible material included in some products. Be sure to remove all non-edible materials before consuming. Choking hazard for all non-edible materials used. Do not eat non-edible material. Check your products to see if they are edible with non-edible material for decoration. Check all ingredients before eating, even with a doctor for some ingredients, such as spices, any plant food, or herb may cause an allergic reaction in some people, or interact with medications.